What Melora Can’t Do (And What She Can)

There are a lot of things Melora can’t do on her own. She can’t walk or even put weight on her feet. She can’t crawl or even get to a hands-and-knees position. She can’t roll around to get to a toy she wants.


Melora has muscle weakness all over, from her large muscles to her tiny ones. She can’t coordinate her eye movements very well. She can’t talk or even make consonant sounds. She can’t chew or swallow foods that take too much work

Melora has autistic behavior. She can’t communicate with words. She can’t make consistent eye contact. It can be a lot of work to make her smile or even laugh.

Melora is a sweet little girl who loves her family. She can cuddle better than most people. She loves to laugh when people dance or act silly for her. She can work very hard practicing with communication devices to make herself understood.

Melora loves life and reminds us to live in the moment. She can appreciate the beauty of the trees when we take her for walks on the trails. She can enjoy her foods and try news ones quite willingly.


Melora is enthusiastic about movement. She can rock on her rocking horse and go really fast. In the pool, she can have a blast floating, splashing, kicking. She can view the world in a different way when we hold her upside-down.

There are a lot of essential things Melora can’t do, which causes us to worry about her future. But there are a lot of very important things she CAN do. She can make strangers smile uncontrollably as they walk by. She can keep us on our toes and prevent us getting stuck in a routine. She can make us laugh with her adorable sneeze and baby-doll expression.

When you do the math, the things Melora can do tower over the things she can’t. Of course, the hardest thing is to not hear her words, but we know they’re there. We just need to learn her language. And we’re getting there. One day at a time, one hour at a time, sometimes one minute at a time.


2 thoughts on “What Melora Can’t Do (And What She Can)

  1. Hi there this is so interesting I am doing a bit of research my little girl is 8 and has arthrogryposis today I was told she had “ZC4H2 gene” looking up everything trying to find out more as i am reading meloras it sounds like my daughter I hope this message goes to the family


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